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Lumin Hair Lamination

From the Iemme R&D laboratories is born the new thermos-active laminating line for hair, based on polishing the hair shaft with mirror effect and combined anti-frizz effect. The prickly pear veg- etable oil contained in the 3 products is rich in fatty acids, omega 6, vitamin E and antioxidants; it regenerates the hair fiber and in the meanwhile gives shine to the hair. The presence of hydrolyzed keratin and hyaluronic acid envelop the hair with a mirroring and anti-frizz film.


  • Shampoo Clarifying in 150 ml bottle
    deeply cleanses the hair and prepares it to receive the laminating treatment.
  • Laminating Cream in 150 ml bottle
    Anti-frizz laminating cream with mirror effect: eliminates frizz, repairs the hair and envelops it with a laminating and polishing film.
  • Spray fixing in150 ml bottle
    The thermos-active laminating spray fixes mirror effect: fixes the lamination, and protects the hair from external agents.


Step 1: wash hair with clarifying shampoo (two times).

Step 2:remove excess water, divide the head into three sections, apply the laminating cream strand by strand distributing the product very deeply (for a medium head you need about 50 ml of product) cover with a thermal cap, leave on 10 minutes on fine or treated hair, leave on for 15 minutes on frizzy hair, rinse the hair well with warm water.

Step 3: wash the hair with clarifying shampoo, remove excess of water with a towel then spray the fixing spray on all hair and comb from root to ends, leave on for 5 minutes. Start drying your hair with a brush and hairdryer without finishing drying. Finish drying the hair strand by strand with the use of the hair-flat at 210 degrees for a smooth mirror effect, for a wavy mirror effect finish drying with the use of a hot round iron.

The mirror effect lasts about 3 weeks. The mirror effect lasts about 3 weeks. To keep the duration of the lamination effect always wash the hair with the clarifying shampoo, apply the spray fixing and dry the hair following the same method indicated in step 3

The complete treatment can be repeated every 25 days.

Contraindications: do not use in the presence of white hair over 50%. After lamination, do not color your hair for at least 4 days. Do not apply the laminating cream to the skin. Keep out of reach of children. Wear protective gloves during application. Professional use only.

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