Raywell Vitamin Color


Vitamin Color

Vitamin color is the new line of dyes with vegetable coloring oils. The new concepts of coloring with a non-aggressive molecularly balanced formula offers better coverage, warm natural reflections and shine while fully respecting skin and hair. The low ammonia content and the excellent fruity fragrance leave a good scent on the hair and in the work environment. The inclusion of vitamins C improves the antioxidant action, thus guaranteeing greater hold and lasting color. The 4 exclusive blends of vegetable coloring oils in brown, blonde, red and black tones help to obtain and intensify natural highlights.

  • NEasy to mix 1:1 mixing ratio
  • Vitamin-c guarantees a long-lasting colour
  • White hair coverage up to 90%
  • Beeswax content gives shine to your hair colour
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